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How to Lose Breast Weight in One Week/7 Days

reduce breast size naturally

Are you having over-sized breasts? If yes, you are not alone because there are lots of women having very large breasts that result in constant back and neck pain. Besides, they feel hard to find dresses that fit them.

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Here are some easy and simple tips to help you make breast smaller and tighter without going for surgery that is quite expensive and painful too:


When it comes to breast reduction, cardio physical exercises are ideal workouts that include jogging, running, and cycling. Together with cardiovascular exercises, you should also include strength-building workouts in your regular fitness routine, if you plan to shorten your breast measurement. You should be aware of selecting weights for these workouts. Try to avail of lightweights instead of having heavyweight dumbbells or machines. In case you opt for heavyweights, the exercise would lead to building up of more breast muscles. Therefore, avoid heavyweights that give bigger and heavier breasts. Given below are some of the most common exercises for breast reduction.

·       Push-ups

·       Dips

·       Decline Dumbbell Flies

·       Pec Deck Butterflies

In addition to regular exercises, you ought to take a special diet consisting of healthy food items. Always avoid a crash diet if you are exercising to decrease your breast size naturally. You can ayurvedic remedies to reduce your breast size.


Overweight will largely affect your breast size. Before trying to shorten your boob’s size, go on a diet and reduce your body gain. Have a control on calories intake and foods suggested for proper dieting. Usually, breast tissues made of fat. Therefore, women can rapidly lose or gain pounds in this specific region compared to other parts of their body.

Large breasts are quite uncomfortable and cause soreness, back pain, and terrible body posture. Though exercises are important to lose excess fat from this region, a clean diet is also equally important. Hence, you ought to gain knowledge about healthy food items, which are handy for removing unwanted breast fat.

You should avoid food items rich in a high amount of fats. Remove junk food and fast food from your list. You should also reduce consuming foods that rich in carbohydrates and sugars, as they may lead to weight gain. Avoid broiler chicken because it injects with growth hormone, which can rapidly grow your breast size. Try to eat fresh green vegetables and drink many fluids except soft drinks. Soft drinks have artificial sweeteners. To keep your metabolism functioning at a great speed, have low-calorie food every two hours.

 Let us go through the list of food items essential for breast reduction.

  • Fruits:

Fruits are on the top of the best foods, which play an essential role in reducing the measurement of the breasts. Aside from being ideal for dessert or snacks, fruits have a plenty of antioxidants. Furthermore, they are tasty too. Unlike processed food items and soda, fruits have fewer sugar levels. Some of the best diet fruits include oranges, grapes, berries, peaches, bananas, and apples. Canned fruits typically have lots of high-calorie preservatives and therefore, you must opt for fresh and healthy fruits. Try to intake at least 4 to 5 fruits a day.

  • Vegetables:

Much like fruits, vegetables have a large content of antioxidants and nutrients with fewer carbohydrates. Therefore, vegetables are useful for people who are trying to decrease the size of their breasts. Broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and sprouts are some non-starchy vegetables, which would offer significant energy during your diet.

  • Fish:

Fishes are very high in protein yet low in calories. Rather than frying, try to make use of cooking methods such as steaming, broiling, grilling, or baking that makes fish a worthy food to help in your breast reduction. Trout, salmon, and tuna are some fishes you can try out.

  • Nuts:

You have to include almonds, groundnuts, macadamia nuts, and walnuts in your diet because mixed nuts are the best source of nutritious fats such as omega-3, polyunsaturated and monosaturated fats. Avoid sugar and salt-coated nuts.

In case you are pregnant, reduce breast size after delivery. There are breast reduction pills available to decrease breast size safely and naturally so that you do not need to undergo a surgeon’s knife at a fraction of cost. Though these pills slowly work in your body, you can observe the initial effects within one week.

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