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Top Digital TENS Unit Reviews 2018

top digital tens unit reviews 2018

The full form of TENS is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. You may be wondering as to what is a 10s unit? TENS machines are used as pain relievers. Based on the condition and state of patients, it can be used from 30 minutes to up to 2 hours. It is portable and battery operated. Wires from TENS machine are connected to sticky pads that are attached to the body.

Electrical pulses in small amounts are sent through the electrodes into the body. Those pulses will make block the pain signals that are on their way to the brain. As the brain is not receiving the pain signals, patients cannot feel pain for that moment of time. There is no complexity as we are momentarily blocking the pain signals. But it is essential to consider the product quality and durability before buying tenz machines.

After thorough research, we have figured out the top five TENS Units in the market.

Here are the reviews of the best Digital TENS Unit in the year 2018:

Soma Care Digital TENS Unit Review 2018

  1. Soma Care Digital TENS Unit:

Options are customizable in this digital TENS Unit. It consists of 2 channels and 8 different modes. Soma Care Digital TENS Unit comes with an adjustable pulse. The package includes a Digital TENS device, charger, 1 USB, four conductive Gel-pad electrodes along with connecting leads. Users can choose different modes based on the condition, and it acts effectively on acute and chronic pains.


1)    Easy to use

2)    Quick pain reliever

3)    Worthy product as it effectively reduces pain

Miropure Touch Screen Tens Unit Reviews 2018

  1. Miropure Touch Screen Tens Unit:

This product is fully equipped with lots of features to treat the pain in areas of Knee, Shoulders, ankles, wrist, back and elbow. 2 small, 2 large and 4 medium pads are provided and you can choose the size based on the pain areas. 12 modes and 20 levels of adjustable intensity give the power to users for relieving multiple pain areas at the same time. A rechargeable Lithium battery is used in this tenz machine.


1)    Worthy product to buy at an offered price

2)    It is durable

3)    Build quality is good

4)    The company provides Pads of different sizes which is handy for users


1)    Users take time to get an understanding of controls on this device as there are many options on the screen. But once known, there is no seeing back.

CUH Rechargeable TENS Unit Review

  1. CUH Rechargeable TENS Unit 8 Modes:

Pre-programmed modes are a special focus in this Unit. Body Building, Cupping, Scraping, Acupuncture, and Tuina are some of them. The lithium battery is used and gives a battery backup of up to 10 hours. Dual output, Adjustable timing, 20 levels of Adjustable Intensity are some of the features of CUH TENS Unit.


1)    Rechargeable battery lets people use TENS unit up to their desired time.

2)    Works as expected relieving pain


1)    Build quality is good but needs improvement

ireliev tens unit digital review 2018

  1. Ireliev Tens Massager Unit:

The package includes Ireliev TENS device, 2 Lead wires, Tote Bag, Belt Clip Holster, 4 electrodes and 3 AAA Batteries. This bio TENS machine is in the size of a debit card. This machine is effective in relieving pain from aching muscles due to strain from physical activities, sports, etc. 3 AAA batteries gives an efficient battery backup of up to 15 hours.

25 intensity levels, 8 pre-set therapy modes provides more customization and comfort for users to choose based on their pain level.


1)    Portable and effective to do work

2)    Good build quality

3)    Easy to use controls


1)    It would be better if they have a rechargeable battery system. As of now, this TENS Unit runs on batteries.

Auvon Rechargeable Digital Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator

  1. Auvon Rechargeable Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator:

This TENS stimulator relieves pain from all significant parts of the body including Neck, Shoulder, Arms, Hips, Thighs, Deltoid and Lower back. 16 pre-set massage modes with adjustable timing make it easier to operate. Lithium battery provided is rechargeable. It gives backup of 10 hours. This removes the hassle of changing batteries during the working of bio TENS machine on the body.

This product is one of the best TENS stimulator available in the market.


1)    Easy to use

2)    Battery backup is excellent

3)    Many pre-set modes available on the go


1)    Manual operations are difficult to get done


There is no significant evidence that tenz machines give side effects to human body. But it is strictly advised to use TENS unit only if doctors suggest to. Momentary pain relief is the main advantage with a Digital TENS unit.

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