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Best Pulse Oximeter for Athletes [Wrist Pulse Oximeters]

best pulse oximeters for athletes 2018

Wrist Pulse oximeter are oximeters designed like wristwatches that are used for continuous monitoring of your oxygen levels. Wrist oximeters have long battery life and are very small in size, lightweight, attach to the wrist, and the sensor is placed on the finger. Unlike the handheld and tabletop pulse oximeters, there is no cable to get tangled or caught in between the usage.  These wrist oximeters are best for walking tests as well as for sleep screenings.

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Here are top 5 wrist pulse oximeters for runners and Fitness trackers:

  1. CMS50F Wrist Pulse Oximeter by Contec

This FDA approved oximeter is designed for daily activities monitoring and overnight sleep studies, with SpO2 probe which is suitable for home, hospital, community healthcare, oxygen bar, physical care for athletes and sports enthusiasts. The product is available for both infants and adults, depending on the type of probe used.

It has a big high-contrast OLED display which let you read even in the dark as well as in severe weather conditions, this Pulse Oximeter for runners provides real-time, fast, and accurate reading including Pulse rate, SpO2, a bar graph indicating pulse intensity along with the pulse waveform. The unit is very light and easy to carry. One-button operation makes it easy to use as a fitness tracker oximeter.


  • Comes with alarm function
  • Amazing, Pro quality unit, comfortable


2. 50F PLUS Wrist Pulse Oximeter

Along with basic oximeter features, it also has an in-built auditory and visual alarm which alerts you in case the oximeter is not placed adequately on the finger, your SpO2 has exceeded the limits or in case the battery is low. This allows the user to fully concentrate on daily activities by doing oximeter reading during exercise as well. The 50F has the ability to record and store 24 hours of data, which can be uploaded to a computer for analysis if one wishes to.


  • Excellent quality
  • Long Battery life
  • Easy to use


  • Software issues
  • No automatic recording

Alivecor® KardiaMobile EKG Monitor Review Best Pulse Oximeters for Athletes

3. Alivecor® KardiaMobile EKG Monitor | Wireless EKG | Captures Heart Rate, Rhythm & Symptoms for Early Detection of AFib | For Smartphones & Tablets | FDA Cleared

It is a simple device, which can also be used using your mobile phones. It provides both accurate and instant reports related to atrial fibrillation (AF) as well as normal rhythm in an EKG. The device is quite small and looked like a perfect pulse oximeter for exercise. With its advanced artificial intelligence, mobile, cloud, and microelectrode technology, Alivecor empowers its users to manage their heart health proactively and provides the potential to vastly improve the quality of care in the fight against heart disease. It can track EKG recordings and interpretations between doctor visits.


  • Capturing the rhythm is easy
  • Allows to save readings and email for further reading


  • Does not work with BPM below 50

4. Wrist Watch Pulse Oximeter For Adult/Pediatric FDA Cleared

Its’ small and wrist design is more suitable for whole night monitoring. A perfect fitness tracker oximeter helps in measuring, storing, displaying, as well as transmitting functional SpO2 levels and pulse rate for adult, adolescent, child and infant patients. Has Non-real measurement mode that stores the measured data that can also be transferred to the computer. It is Medview software, updated for data analysis and print reports.


  • Can be set up to 10 patient ID
  • Portable and compact in design


  • The software works only with windows
  • Can store only up to 30 hours of measurement data

CMS50F Wrist Pulse Oximeter Review Best Pulse Oximeters for Athletes 2018

5. CMS 50F PLUS Wrist Pulse Oximeter with Bluetooth and Innovo SnugFit probe

It is an upgraded version of CMS 50F Plus OLED wrist color pulse oximeter. The Bluetooth function frees up the only USB port on the wristwatch and allows you to record your heart rate, SpO2 in real-time. Its advanced technology makes it capable of measuring pulse rate and SpO2 even at low blood perfusion with ultimate accuracy, making it an amazing fitness tracker oximeter. Superior 256K color OLED screen with rotational display makes the readings clearly and conveniently.


  • Easy Setup
  • Allows to record and print readings
  • High Quality


  • Might not help in the regular monitoring of SpO2 levels while your body is in motion.
  • Bluetooth connection not so strong.


Unlike other pulse oximeters, wrist pulse oximeter is highly reliable when it comes to oximeter reading during exercise. The top wrist pulse oximeters have been listed here. Before opting for any product, detailed study of its pros and cons is must, making any investment worth it.

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