Story of Salman Khan’s Hair Transplant and Procedure Followed

Alopecia (hair loss) is commonly affecting young age group too. Many males are seen suffering from receding hairline and male pattern baldness. To treat hair loss, people first opt for medications which can prevent hair loss. But then these medications can only control hair fall, they cannot re-grow the lost hair. To assure hair growth in the bald spots, one needs to choose a hair restoration technique.

There are several different surgical hair restoration techniques available:

Hair transplant techniques are a major hit amongst the celebrities. Celebrities look out for options which can offer them with immediate and assured results, for their receding hairline and hair loss. Hence, celebrities opt for hair transplant procedures. There are several Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities who have already opted for this alternative. Appearance plays a very important role in the life of a celebrity hence; a celebrity leaves no stone untouched to maintain his looks. Hair transplant surgery involves the removal of hair from the areas having hair on the scalp and transplanting it into areas that lack hair growth.

One such Bollywood celebrity is Salman Khan who underwent a hair transplant procedure for his receding hairline. Salman Khan is a famous Bollywood actor, who was born on 27th December, 1965. He is the son of the famous writer Salim Khan. Salman began his acting career in 1988 by doing a supporting role in the movie ‘Biwi Ho To Aisi’. Later, he came up with his leading role in ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’. He has several hits movies to his credit.

Salman showed signs of receding hairline, in 2002. As the years advanced, the receding hairline of Salman Khan became more pronounced. To conceal his hair loss, Salman Khan decided to shave off his head completely. Three years later, in 2005, a photograph of Salman Khan was published which depicted a clear hair transplant scar on the back of his head. Khan had diced off his scalp beyond repair.

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It was later revealed that Salman had undergone a bad quality hair transplant technique in India which was rectified in 2007, by an American doctor in Dubai. Salman had to visit Dubai multiple times for several phases of his surgery. Further, surgery took place in 2013. Hence, hair transplant techniques do not always offer favorable results. One needs to be very cautious before planning to go ahead with these procedures.

Salman Khan underwent several sessions of hair transplant procedures to gain a return of full head of front hair. Bollywood’s most eligible bachelor underwent advanced surgical hair transplant procedure to ensure that the appearance of his hairline looks as natural as possible. He underwent the procedure of Follicular Unit Transplant. Each session of hair restoration or transplant involves suturing of the scalp at several sites on the head. Hair is implanted from areas on the scalp where it is most likely to grow back, to areas where there is hair deficient. The hair attached to the skin is either of the same person or from another person. Replanting of the hair is complete once the target area of the scalp is full of transplanted hair. The transplanted skin and the hair connect to the native skin and the hair covers the scarring produced due to the procedure. Salman experienced several complications after his various hair transplant techniques.

There were rumors that Salman had transplanted some nylon hair woven into his real transplanted hair to make his hair appear little thicker and this was because of the lack of adequate donor hair.  There is no evidence that Salman Khan used additional hair growing options, such as supplements or anti-hair loss drugs, to maintain the hair surgically implanted. Further, it is unclear whether Salman opted for hair weaving, to provide his hair with extra thickness and bounce. Scalp micropigmentation would have been a better option in case of Salman Khan. This procedure would have offered a better solution without generating any complications that he experienced after his numerous hair transplant procedures.

Hence, the learning from Salman Khan’s hair transplant story is that whenever you opt for hair transplant surgery, you should perform this technique through the experienced hands of a hair transplant surgeon. It is essential to conduct proper research regarding the credentials of the operating surgeon. Prior to the procedure, you should have the entire information regarding the technique and you should be clear regarding your expectations from the hair transplant technique.

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