What is The Recovery Time Of LASIK?

LASIK surgery recovery time

Most often people prefers to go with the laser eye treatment, which has a diverse range of post surgery benefits. Recovery period is the most important factor, which the patient opting for laser eye surgery considers. LASIK eye surgery is considered to be one of the best laser eye treatment procedures opted by the surgeons as well as the patients from across the globe. With considerably higher success rates than any other type of laser eye surgery LASIK eye surgery offers the patients with much lesser recovery time as compare to the recovery time of the patients having PRK or LASEK.

lasik recovery time

It is often observed that the patients undergoing LASIK surgery are quite happy about the post surgery recovery time of LASIK. Also in some cases, it is seen that the patient who have undergone the LASIK eye surgery has gained full functionality of eye within few hours of the surgery. But is very important to understand the fact that, the recovery time of such surgeries depends solely upon the healthy condition of the eyes. The patient with good eye condition, for instance those who has no history of eye illness will experience quicker improvement of the vision after the completion of surgery than for those who has some kinds of eye disorders. The recovery time of LASIK may range from few hours or days to weeks or under certain circumstances, it can take few months which is solely depending upon the patient’s health.

Immediate recovery after LASIK surgery

Not to mention that, the recovery protocol of LASIK surgery can differ according to the eye specialists. Some of them may refer you to wear protective eye shield for first few weeks until the completion of whole procedure. And some specialists would allow you to take rest for 15 to 20 minutes after the completion of surgery before letting you to go home.

Usually, after the completion of the surgery the patient might feel itching and burning sensation, which may create some difficulties for you. It’s due to kind of numbing drops are used as anaesthetic purpose and once its effect wears off the patient feels this irritating sensation. It is advisable not to rub your eye during the burning sensation as it may damage you pupil. Usually the burning sensation remains for 10 to 12 hours followed by your surgery. During this time, the eyes get watery and sometimes red spots stats to develop. According to the surgeons the kinds of post-operative symptoms are normal and the doctors refers the patient to take complete rest than to lay pressure on the eyes.

Immediately after the LASIK surgery, the cornea starts to heal this is considered as the primary stage of recovery time when the corneal layer is in very delicate situation. Hence, it is advised not to rub your eyes during this stage as it might get displaced the flap which was made during the surgery.

During first day and few weeks of recovery time

In general, the patients can carry on their day-to-day work on the very first day of the recovery period. However, it may be possible that your eye specialist will want to see you after 3 to 4 days of completion of your surgery in order to ensure the proper healing of your eye. One might experience a little irritating sensation during the first week, however such cases are very rare this are one of the post surgery side effect which the patient need not to be alarmed.

Doctors usually provide the LASIK patients with some antibiotics and eye droplets so as to keep the eye lubricative throughout the recovery period. It is important because it may prevent post surgery side effects such as dry eyes. Hence, doctors usually prescribe the patients who are under recovery period to apply the eye drops for at least 3-4 times a day. As mentioned earlier in this article that usually it depends upon the eye specialists who all set the time limit of the recovery period and the kind of work, which the patient has to avoid during the period. It may be possible that your eye specialists prevent you to carry on with some of your daily works such as intense workouts, swimming and wearing eye makeup.

It is important to abide by the sets of rules and regulations, which are set by your doctor because it might help you in your healing process. The more you take care about your eye health during the recovery time, greater is the chances of recording fast from surgery.

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Few months after LASIK surgery

Sometimes it is observed that the healing process continues for 3 to 4 months achieving a better stage of improved vision. However, the recovery period can also continue for a longer period of time depending on the patient’s health conditions. In general out of all the patients who all undergo the LASIK surgery a very few rates of cases are seen in which the patients needs enhancement surgery after the LASIK recovery time has passed.

LASIK recovery time and the risks involved

There is no fixed time of the recovery period of the LASEIK eye surgery. It can vary from few days and weeks to few months in which the patient undergoing the recovery period have to be very attentive. The usual post-operative symptoms, which can be observed in some patients are not so much dangerous to get worry about. It is just part of the healing process of the cornea that would get better with time.

However, the worst case scenario is that, the patient can develop dry eyes or glare around the lights at night. In such cases, the patient immediately needs to consult with their specialists if they experience such kinds of side effects during the recovery period. The eye specialist might help you in preventing such disorders. Hence, it is really important to undergo diagnosis prior to the LASIK surgery because in some cases, this disorders become permanent. If you are prone to dry eyes then the diagnosis will tell you and you can opt for other laser eye procedures.

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