Preventing Zika is the Best Way to Avoid Infection

Mosquitoes are pesky little creatures that love to bite, make you itch, and can ruin any outdoor activity for anyone. The fact that they’re disease carrying creatures only makes it worse. Most people know mosquitoes carry a myriad of illnesses, and the most well-known mosquito-borne disease is Zika virus. Zika prevention is a hot topic right now, specifically for women who are pregnant or hope to become pregnant in the coming months. Anyone traveling anywhere mosquitoes are spreading this disease is at risk, and everyone is living in fear that Zika will affect their families.

Living in fear is no way to live life. If you learn preventing Zika and other mosquito-spread disease is helpful.

Avoid Mosquito Bites

The best way to prevent the spread of any disease caused by a mosquito bite is to avoid mosquitoes entirely. When they’re out, stay inside where the air is circulating and they cannot get into the home. Mosquitoes are dangerous, but they aren’t everywhere. They don’t love cold weather, so chances of them being out when the temperature drops are slim. It’s when the weather is hot and humid you must be careful.

Rid Your Yard of Standing Water

Preventing Zika is easy when mosquitoes have no place to breed or live. They love standing water, so eliminating all that makes life much more enjoyable. If you have water features without a fountain, a pool that’s not running, or anything in your yard that catches water that stands still for even just a few hours, empty it out or turn it on to keep the water moving. Stagnant water is a breeding ground for these pests, and any standing water invites them to make themselves at home.

Stay Out of Zika-Infested Areas

If you’re planning a vacation or work trip in the near future, do your homework. Check to see that the area to which you are traveling is not one in which Zika has been found. If it is, don’t go. There’s no vaccination that prevents this illness from being spread, and it can be spread from person to person through sexual contact. By avoiding areas where Zika is known to exist, you significantly minimize your risk of being infected.

Zika isn’t something you want to deal with, because it’s not something that can be cured. Avoiding it is the best thing you can do for your own personal health and safety. Take every precaution necessary when you’re outdoors, and be sure you are always dressed in long, loose clothing to prevent mosquitoes from biting. Prevention can save lives better than any medical treatment can save lives.

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