How to Prepare for Surgical Hair Restoration?

Surgical hair restoration technique helps in replacing or restoring the lost hair and hairline. This surgery is performed on out-patient basis and takes only a single day to complete it. Once you have taken the decision of restoring your youth and appearance by undergoing surgical hair restoration technique. Then, it is advisable to be well prepared before undertaking the surgery. To ensure that the surgical hair transplant is successful and without any complications, one needs to follow certain instructions preparing for the hair transplant surgery. Though, the instructions to be followed shall vary based on the type of procedure.

Some of the guidelines to be followed prior to the surgery are as follows:-

Smoking – Restrict smoking minimum two weeks before surgery and for a month after the surgery. Blood flow to the skin is hampered by smoking and it can also hinder the healing process and recovery. Smoking further has an impact over the ultimate result of hair restoration technique.

Alcohol – Intake of alcohol is to be stopped, minimum three days prior to the surgery. It is best if you have your last alcoholic drink a week prior to your hair transplant surgery. Intake of alcohol leads to the expansion of blood vessels, which accelerates swelling. It further leads to excessive bleeding as it thins the blood. Alcohol also interacts with pain medications, increasing your chances of been more susceptible to pain.

Styling Products – Use of styling products such as hair gel, hair spray, etc on the day of surgery should be avoided. You need to wash your hair on the day of surgery.

Cutting hair – Few surgeons recommend not to cut hair for minimum one month before the surgery, so that maximum donor hair can be available for the procedure. Allow maximum growth of donor hair. Donor hair can also help in concealing any scars left during surgery.

Massage – The scalp is to be massaged for a minimum of ten minutes and maximum of thirty minutes daily, for approximately fifteen days to a month prior to the surgery. This shall ensure softening of the scalp skin and shall also enhance the skin tone. It further accelerates the blood flow in the scalp area giving rise to hair growth in the healthy follicles.

Medications – Based on the degree of hair loss, certain medications such as minoxidil shall be suggested prior to the surgery. Minoxidil shall not be suggested in case the surgery is restricted to the crown area of your head. Intake of aspirin or any other anti-inflammatory drugs should be stopped, two weeks prior to the surgery. Use of anti depressants, blood thinning drugs and beta blockers should be limited, two weeks prior to the surgery. Blood thinners may lead to excessive bleeding which may obstruct the hair restoration surgery.

Multivitamins – Use of multivitamins, Vitamin E, mineral supplements or herbal supplements should be stopped, minimum fifteen days before the hair transplant surgery. Multivitamin supplements boost the chances of bleeding.  Ingredients of herbal supplements may interact with anesthesia or may increase chances of bleeding and lead to poor wound healing.

Antibiotics – To avoid the chances of infection, antibiotics may be advised before and after the hair restoration surgery.

Vitamin C – To enhance the healing process, vitamin C is recommended, one week before the surgical procedure.

Investigations – In case you are above 45 years of age then, few investigations such as ECG, blood pressure assessment, blood sugar levels, etc are advised.

Sun Exposure – Minimum three days before the hair restoration surgery and five days after the surgery, exposure to sun is avoided. Ensure that you protect your scalp by carrying an umbrella or wearing a hat when you go out in the sun as the scalp should not be sun burnt prior to the surgery.

Hair Color – In case you color your grey hair then it is advisable to color it three days before the surgical procedure so that it offers an enhanced visualization of the hairs. You can again color it fifteen days, post surgery.

Caffeine – Avoid intake of caffeine on the day of the surgery.

Diet – Avoid eating or drinking anything 12 hours prior to the surgery. Do not consume anything till instructed, on the day of surgery.

Exercise – Minimum three days prior to your restoration procedure, any form of exercise is avoided, to reduce the chances of bleeding.

Clothes – You should wear loose and comfortable clothes. A button down shirt shall be best suggested, to avoid dislodging of your transplanted hair when wearing or removing your clothes.

Post Surgery – It is advisable not to drive back home alone as the procedure is generally performed under local anesthesia and sedation. You should take it easy for a few days post surgery and take at least a week off from work; as your head shall be swollen and sore and there shall also be some amount of pain which shall take some time to recover and time shall also be required for the donor site to heal.

You need to follow the above mentioned instructions for a successful hair restoration surgery, speedy recovery and faster healing.

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