Points to Keep In Mind While Going For Hair Transplant

Hair is a prized asset that nobody wants to lose. Of late, however, there has been an increasing rise in complaints related to hair fall and that too amongst young people. In fact, if we observe aged people, we find that they have much stronger hair with good volume – something which the youngsters are lacking. This can be attributed to a lot of causes like pollution, junk food, unhealthy lifestyle, etc. Many cases also seem to be genetic. So the best advice is to consult a dermatologist and seek their opinion on how to solve this nagging problem.

Most doctors will suggest going for hair transplant which is the safest and most convenient way to keep baldness aside. Thousands of people, including movie stars and sports personnel, have undergone this surgery and are satisfied with the results. On the other hand, a few cases have been reported where it has gone awry. So here are some points to keep in mind while going for hair transplant.

Choose the right doctor: Since your hair is as important as any other vital parts of your body, make sure that it is in right hands. Go for the best doctor for hair transplant and see for yourself the dramatic change that it brings to your appearance.

FUT and FUE: There are two main types of hair transplants basically – Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) or strip surgery and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Both these methods complement each other, only that the method of extracting the transplanted hair is different.

Which is better? The most useful process of restoration is the follicular hair transplant method where the dermatologist transplants hair from the permanent zone i.e. the back side of the scalp and places the hair on the affected parts of the scalp.

Cost effective: In case the affected parts span across a wide area, then FUT is the most effective solution. It is also going to be less expensive and economical than other methods.

Scars: The bad news is both FUT and FUE leave scars on the scalp. As FUT is a strip surgical method, it leaves a narrow line across the back of the head while FUE leaves dotted scars on the scalp though it cannot be easily identified.

One you lock on the best doctor, sit down with him and clear all your doubts. Only after proper consideration and consultation, make the right choice.

Dr.Jangid, AIIMS traned MD Skin Dermatologist with more than 6 years of experience in new treatments, technology and research into skin and hair problems, skin surgeries, hair transplant, Lasers and anti-ageing.

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