How Much Is LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in USA

Modern medical science is so developed that it is able to ensure every possible cure to make human lives better. The uses of latest technical gadgets in the medical field has also maximized the precision of delicate procedures. With the help of highly skilled professionals and the cutting edge devices, micro surgeries were never been this easy and efficient.

lasik eye surgery cost

LASIK eye surgery or Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis is the finest cure for any kind of Myopia or near sightedness, Hyperopia or Farsightedness and Astigmatism related disorders. The procedure takes only around thirty minutes to complete and the patient is ready to join his/ her work right from the next morning if there is no exception.

As being a very convenient process, the patients are very sure that they have to pay the right for lasik eye surgery cost for availing such facilities. So after consulting with the surgeon about all the necessary steps to go through, they always ask for the pricing to check if it fits their budget or not.

Here is a brief description about the average fee structure for LASIK treatment:

Average costs for LASIK in the recent years:

In the year 2010, the total average estimate for laser eye treatment was around $2,073, up to the recent statistics of $2,118 in 2014.

But things to remember, all these estimates are only for one eye and if you are intended to perform LASIK treatment for both your eyes then you have to pay double of the mentioned cost.

The costs of LASIK treatment varies depending upon the techniques and the apparatus related during the procedure. The variable costs are:

  • For any type of Laser operated vision correction, such as LASIK, LASEK, PRK etc., the mentioned cost is $2,207 per eye. In these homogenous procedures, there is a single cost is quoted at the health centre without including which type of procedure is to be done or what will be the technology to be used.
  • In non-customised LASIK eye surgeries, where a bladed equipment named Microkeratome and an Excimer Laser is used which are not guided as per Wave front Analysis, costs of $1,761 per eye(at the centres, they can introduce multiple prices for the same).
  • An estimate of $2,142 is being charged if the LASIK includes a flap, created using a femtosecond laser that is guided by Wave front analysis. It is the most advanced type of LASIK surgery and the corresponding health centre that provides such procedure, may charge variable sum as per different aspects of the surgery.

Parameters for the prices:

In 2014, more than half of the refractive surgeons had quoted that they charge the same price for any kind of Laser treated refractive surgery whether it is LASIK, LASEK or PRK.

Others have listed various costs for different people. As they provide customised treatments depending upon the technology that is to be used and the vision correction requirements of the patient.

When the costs are constant, it means the technologies and techniques introduced by the surgery, that is, customised wave front analysis or Laser treated flaps, are not taken as the additional procedures, which are generally to be paid with the basic cost of the surgery. The centre is charging a gross amount for the whole treatment which includes all the necessary processes.

But in customised fee structures, you can avail your own customised surgical process which you think suits you the most. In such cases, the cost of each individual step is to be added with the basic fee.

Lower your costs:

  1. Bargain possibilities:

You may find some centres providing the advertisement of ‘LASIK at only $499’ or similar. Else they may offer you a significant discount of up to 60% more or less. So depending on these special cases, you may be able to find bargain prices regarding LASIK.

But there are some conditions for availing those facilities:

  • You are supposed to have a very low Nearsightedness or Myopia disorder. But people with Farsightedness or Hyperopia, may not be eligible as it requires more effort than Myopia.
  • Enhancements or vision correction procedures after the surgery may not be included in the price list. And if you are the patient who needs vision correction, you have to pay extra for the additional processes.
  • The number of available visits with your surgeon can also be limited. If you have to continue paying visit with him after the limit, then you have to pay the respective fee with each appointment.
  • The technology is likely to be older with respect to the newer cutting edge precision holder ones. It is not like you will not be treated well with those apparatus or there are chances to go completely blind, but newer facilities are much more precise than their previous replicas. The chances to gain the cent percent efficient vision are also very high with the latest equipment. Facilities of custom LASIK which includes wave front guided femtosecond laser created flap or bladeless (all laser) LASIK surgery will not be included at the expense of $499 or $699.
  1. Get an insurance:

To find lower costs on LASIK eye surgery, one may claim an insurance that will cover your total cost or will minimise at reasonable price.

But unfortunately, most of the insurance providers consider the LASIK treatment with cosmetic or elective surgeries which are not covered in any policy.

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If there is a will, there is a way. So to get an insurance that covers LASIK costs is really hard to find but not impossible. These are some conditions that may get you an insurance claim:

  • For the soldiers:

The defense forces of a nation are the most valuable assets. The government will pay any cost to ensure better health for the soldiers. So the claim an insurance on LASIK, one may relate himself with some special tasks forces, as in the United States, Canadian or Australian defence units, there is an availability to get LASIK insurance.

  • Be an athlete:

If you are an athlete of national or international field, you’re supposed to stay fit as your occupation asks for it. In such cases, you may ask your insurance provider for a LASIK surgery claim.

  • For others:

One with no special inclusion towards the nation, may also find LASIK insurance. If a person is suffering with contact lens intolerance, severe dried eyes or severe allergies, it is not possible for him/ her to wear reading glass or contact lens, which makes the LASIK treatment necessary for him. In such cases, the insurance company is obliged to cover the fee or introduce a valuable discount for the patient. But all these are really hard to get.

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