Matthew McConaughey Hair Transplant Story

These days, hair loss has become a common affair and it is seen that several people suffer from alopecia (hair loss) at a very young age. People are ready to shell out huge amounts of money to gain back the lost hair. They are ready to try any and every hair growing product available in the market. To all such people, hair transplant offers a great ray of hope.

Baldness is not only experienced in common people but is also seen in celebrities. Appearance is very important for celebrities hence; they resort to all such methods which can offer them immediate and assured results. Hence, generally it is seen that celebrities opt for hair transplant techniques. There are numerous celebrities who opt for this alternative. There are firm evidences regarding few celebrities having undergone hair transplant procedure and regarding few there are rumors and speculations.

One such celebrity is American actor Matthew McConaughey who was surrounded with infinite rumors regarding the re-growth of his lost hair. This actor failed to admit the use of hair transplant technique to regain back his receding hairline and on the contrary admitted the use of hair growth products for his re-growth.

Matthew McConaughey is famous for his performance in many Hollywood movies such as ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’, ‘Failure to Launch’, ‘We Are Marshall’, ‘Amistad’, ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’, etc. He is known for his passion for football and love for animals. This actor was born in Uvalde, Texas and he grew up in Longview, Texas. He failed to show any interest in his father’s oil business and took acting as his career in 1991. McConaughey first gained popularity for his role as a defense attorney in the film ‘A Time to kill’. He achieved Golden Globe Award and Academy Award nominations for Best Actor for his performance in the AIDS drama Dallas Buyers Club. He is married to a Brazilian model Camila Alves.

In 1999, Matthew McConaughey was seen suffering from severe loss of hair and typical male pattern baldness (hair recedes on either side of the head, leaving hair in the centre of the scalp with balding at the crown). He experienced an intense thinning hairline. It was a typical baldness of grade III to IV on the Norwood scale. Later, in 2005 the actor overcame his condition of receding hairline and thinning of hair and there was sudden hair growth observed in the areas where it was receding. Everyone wondered what had brought about the drastic transformation, whether was it a hair transplant; hair plugs; minoxidil and finasteride or some hyper vitamins. It was believed that such a transformation must have been achieved only through hair transplant, as receding hairline can be restored only through hair transplant techniques.

But, Matthew in his interview to David Letterman mentioned that his sudden hair growth was because of a topical hair growth product named Regenix. He gave credit of his hair growth to Regenix. But it is a known fact that non-surgical treatments fail to restore a man’s hairline even, the product Regenix cannot achieve such results. Regenix claims to prevent hair loss and cannot grow hairs in bald spots. Hairline can only be restored through means of surgical hair transplant. Hence, Matthew’s claim of hair growth due to the product Regenix proves to be false. But Matthew failed to admit undertaking any hair transplant procedure. Therefore, the mystery of McConaughey’s hair restoration remains unsolved.

There were rumors that McConaughey benefitted from hair transplant surgery and complemented his hair loss treatment with Minoxidil and Finasteride combination. There were further talks of Matthew undergoing a hair transplant surgery coupled with the use of Toppik, a product with hair building fibers. Though, these rumors required to be confirmed.

The look that Matthew McConaughey gained after hair growth appears extremely natural. The appearance of Matthew’s hair growth makes it evident that the receding hairline has been benefitted from the experience and skills of a good hair transplant surgeon. There are chances that few other products too, must have been used for hair care and re-growth process. Products such as Finasteride and Minoxidil must have been used as complementary means.

The Texas actor was rumored to have undertaken FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction procedure for his hair transplant. In this surgical procedure, plugs of hair are removed from the back of the scalp (donor sites) and transplanted into areas where hair loss has taken place (recipient sites). This is the most common form of hair transplant.

There are several people who believe that hair loss can be effectively treated only through transplants. The actor suggests that people who wish to restore their lost hair should take medications for minimum six months before considering hair transplant procedure. Matthew McConaughey mentions that a plan containing minoxidil and propecia can help in restoring lost hair.

Hair restoration of Matthew McConaughey is a living example of achieving hair in bald individuals. This example of the actor has brought back hopes in the hearts of all those who thought that they would remain bald for the rest of their lives. But it is essential, for successful results, the hair transplant should be done through the hands of experienced surgeons. Surgical hair transplant is the only way to fulfill the dream of hair restoration.

In the case of Matthew McConaughey, it is only assumed that Follicular Unit Extraction procedure was undertaken by him for his hair growth as Matthew failed to admit undertaking the procedure. Whatever the procedure untaken, Matthew regained back his charming and stunning looks.

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