Low Cost LASIK And Three Reason To Avoid It

LASIK procedure is considered one of the most expensive laser eye surgery till date. No doubt, the cost of undergoing LASIK is higher than any other type of laser eye procedure, hence it has always been a great concern for the candidates opting for LASIK. It’s a significant investment you have to make, hence it is really important to gather enough knowledge about the procedure so as to find a reasonable price required for your vision correction surgery. A small effort in research work might help you to find an affordable LASIK procedure.

low cost lasik

There are many organizations which will offer you a great deal you will fall prey to but with sufficient knowledge about the surgery will help not only to get you a proper vision but will also be cost effective. Although, there some organizations which will offer you with great service at considerably affordable rates, but still you need to have detail knowledge about the foundation and the type of technology they use. It is because the cost varies greatly upon the type of technology any particular organization is using.

Factors effecting the rates of LASIK

Before going into the details of not having low cost LASIK surgery, there are some factors you need to know which leads to the higher rates for LASIK. The factors may be the type of surgeon you choose for having LASIK. An experienced surgeon will charge more than the others with less set of skills. It may be as per your vision prescription and many more similar factors which effects the cost of having LASIK.

The cost of LASIK also depends on the types of LASIK procedure preferred by the patient. There are several types of LASIK and some of them might be pretty much expensive. Some of them are:

  • Custom LASIK

    In this procedure, the surgeons uses wave front analysis in order to measure the eye’s error in vision which would ultimately help you in achieving more precise corrected vision. Since a very high end technology is used in this procedure, hence “custom LASIK” is bit expensive.

  • Fem to second laser technology

    The procedure is often known as blade-less procedure in which laser the technology is used to make flap instead of using blade. This procedure is expensive in nature because the patients undergoing blade-less surgery shows less complications related to corneal flap and has greater probability of achieving 20/20 vision than the patients undergoing surgery in which blade is used to make the flap.

However, some of the organizations do not charge extra for using the advanced technology instead they ask the LASIK candidates to pay one- time fee. This might help you to save some money for further treatment. Hence, it is important to go into the details of the procedure before entering into any kind of agreement with such institution.

Other factors which leads to the increase cost of LASIK is the cost included in pre operative testing. Usually, candidates seeking for LASIK have to undergo series of tests and diagnosis at various levels, which helps in determining the exact candidate for the procedures. This test results indicates whether you are eligible for LASIK or not. This preoperative tests adds up to the total cost of LASIK.

Hence, it is obvious that people will look for low cost LASIK surgery owing to the fact that the cost of undergoing LASIK can end up pretty high at the end of whole procedure. Even a comfortable living middle class person will face challenge in financing LASK. Hence it become important to find an affordable LASIK procedure which not only will provide you with correct vision but also help you save some money.

Reason to avoid low cost LASIK

You have to understand that having LASIK eye surgery under the supervision of an experienced surgeon will cost you. It is because, the surgeon has gained experience and perfection over period of time and thus he will charge you with a price which will reflect his or her expertise.

Finding a organization who will offer you LASIK eye surgery at reasonable price can be a hectic job. Often it can be seen that some organization offer you LASIK at promising rates. Thus, it may be possible that you end up being fooled.

However, there are some few reasons why one should avoid low cost LASIK out of which three important ones are mention below :

Use of Technology

Since from the day when LASIK eye surgery came into existence, a lot of improvements have been made in technology so as to offer the candidates with more precise vision correction. For instance, wavefront analyzer is used to correct the vision to more accurate level or laser is used to create corneal flap with least errors. Although, the use of such technology makes the LASIK expensive but it helps in achieving maximum output in vision correction. If you opt for low or average cost LASIK, you might end up not getting the benefits you expected from LASIK.

Qualified surgeons

As told earlier, experienced professionals will charge you more for undertaking LASIK due to their wide range of expertise. A surgeon who has performed the surgery 10 times will have lot to offer to the patients than the surgeons who has performed only once. Hence, depending upon the surgeons the cost of LASIK varies a lot. On the other hand if you opt for less experienced doctor who will no doubt offer you cheaper rates but will not be capable to offer you maximum output.


Often it is observed that people fall prey to the cheap advertising rates offering the patients with world class facility. But once you get into agreement with that particular institution you finds that they are not providing the service which they promised. It happens mainly due to the lack of knowledge about the procedure. It is important to understand that not all the LASIK comes at same price.

Hence, a details knowledge about the procedure will help you taking right decisions in your future.

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