LASIK Eye Surgery: How Does It Work?

Technology has grown up all around the fields worldwide, whether it is transporting, educational purposes, household activities and most importantly the field of medical science. Precise micro-surgeries were never been this easy without these advanced medical gadgets. The uses of robots in surgeries are also being introduced nowadays to ensure optimum precision while conducting massive cases.

What is LASIK?

LASIK or Laser Treated in Situ Keratomileusis surgeries are the latest invented solutions for the patients who are suffering from Myopia or Nearsightedness, Hyperopia or Farsightedness and Astigmatism. The process takes roughly around half an hour to complete and with proper health routines, the effects are permanent.

Similar to the most of the refractive surgeries, LASIK eye surgery also deals with reshaping the patient’s corneas. In this procedure, the surgeon modifies the cornea at a manner where the upcoming light in the eye to be perfectly focused on the retina that allows the patient with a more clear eyesight.

If your job does not permit you to have an one month recovery period after your surgery then LASIK eye surgeries are your best match, as the process takes very little of your daily quota and you are all set to work right after 24 hours of the surgery with some minor precautions as suggested by the doctor.

Process to undergo before the LASIK surgery:

Your doctor will be testing you and your eyes on every aspects if they are capable to undergo the LASIK surgery or not.

Evaluating the deformations:

First thing is to evaluate, how much your eyes are deformed. Your doctor will check your corneal abnormality, whether you are suffering with Myopia, Hyperopia or Astigmatism. Then your pupil size as well as the refractive errors are also being calculated.

Corneal Topographer, an automated device that designs a map regarding the curvature of the front surface of your eyes, is used primarily.

Thereafter, a wave front analysis is prepared by sending precise light waves with exact wavelengths through the eyes. And a furthermore absolute map is generated.

Checking the moistness of the eyes:

The moisture level of the eyes is also checked sincerely to ensure if the surgery is appropriate for the patient or not. If the eyes are not moist enough, then there will be a chance of dryness of eyes which is really dangerous.

To stop using Contacts and reading glasses:

The doctor will prescribe the patient not to use his/ her contact lens or reading glasses for around 2 weeks before the tests and surgery. As this will void the natural construction of the eyes and the test results will not be precise for the operation to undergo.

Checking all the other parameters:

The doctor may even ask you for your previous health reports if you have gone through any severe cases. Also if you are taking any medication for some other reasons, they may harm in your LASIK procedure. So the doctor may suggest you not to take the pills which are unsuitable for the surgery. But if the conditions remain inevitable, you will not qualify as a LASIK candidate in spite of definite reasons.

How the LASIK surgery is performed?

LASIK eye surgeries are only been performed at hi-tech medical facilities that meets with the latest technical apparatus requirements. The surgeon must be skilled enough to handle the delicacy of the job.

The following steps are there in a LASIK eye surgery:

Applying Anaesthetic Liquid:

The doctor first applies few drops of a numbing liquid into the patient’s eye to ensure that the patient will be free from any kind of discomfort. The liquid also loosens the Conjunctiva or the mucous membrane covering the cornea that is to be peeled off later.

Making a flap to access the cornea:

Eyes are then placed under the Laser set and a tools named Eye speculum, prevents the eyelids from being closed during the procedure. The doctor then marks the Conjunctiva with an ink marker before making the flap. A suction ring is also applied at the front surface of the eyes to prevent any movement. Then the lasik eye surgeon uses any of the surgical tools between Microkeratome and Femtosecond Laser to cut a circular flap in the corneal membrane. Then flips it up to reach the corneal part.

Vision correction:

When the doctor gets to the cornea, he uses an Excimer laser to remove some unnecessary corneal tissues.

After cleaning the cornea, a highly specialized Laser that uses cooled ultra violet light beam is used to reshape the cornea by removing micro particles from it. This procedure allows the light entering the cornea to be focused perfectly on the retina to create a clear image of the outer world.  The chances of the surgery totally depends upon the experience and skill of the surgeon, otherwise if anything goes wrong, that would be a great threat for your vision.

The patients who are suffering with the Nearsightedness or Myopia, the cornea is tried to flatten as much as possible and with the Farsightedness or Hyperopia patients, the desired shape of the cornea must be a little steeper.

An irregular cornea causes the Astigmatism which can also been corrected by applying LASIK treatment.

  • Flap replacement:

When the doctor is satisfied with the new vision of the patient, the lifted flap is then laid back to its original place and being covered with the previously removed tissues. Now the cornea will be healed by its own recovery actions.

  • Take care afterwards:

After the completion of the surgery, your doctor will be asking you to take some rest. You may feel a very little burning or itching in your eyes as they have gone through several processes. But these are all very normal.

You may find your eyesight to be blurred or inappropriate but there is nothing to worry about it, as the vision quality will be improved entirely from the next morning.

You can join your workdays immediately after 24 hours of the surgery, but the doctor may suggest you to rest for couple of days.

The surgeon will be prescribing you with few medicines that you have to take properly. And don’t forget to pay him a visit on regular intervals.

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