Laser Eye Surgery at the Olympics


Laser eye surgery is all about correction of vision, which makes the life much easier than ever before. There are several types of laser eye surgery, which one can undergo depending upon some pre and post-operative factors. If considering sports, you would not like to go to the ground with your eye-glasses or contact lenses on.

Laser eye procedure is a simple procedure with quick recovery option. Now you don’t have to worry about staying in hospital for a week. The procedure itself takes few minutes to complete after which the candidates are free to go home and carry on with their daily business. Hence, if you are a sport person willing to achieve something in the sports field, then laser eye surgery might be the best option to have. Don’t just sit back at home and miss the opportunity to see the world from the different aspect of vision.

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Laser Eye Surgery and The Olympics

Athletes and laser eye surgery goes way back in time. Most of the athletes prefer to undergo laser eye surgery because it provides them with much more scope to perform well in the sport with better vision. In fact, the world has witnessed many athletes wining gold for their country in Olympics after having laser eye surgery. It provides the sports person to recover their vision to more accurate level, which ultimately force them to perform well in their respective sports with great enthusiasm.

Not only in Olympics, if you are a sports loving person and want to spend most of your time indulging yourself into some kind of sport but your vision does not permit you to do so, then laser eye surgery might be the best option for you to go for. No doubt, every sport needs a very good hand to eye coordination to perform well in that particular sport. In order to ensure that athletes remain on the top of their game, they need to get physically fit in every aspect. Laser eye surgery can no wonder help the sports persons to deliver such kind of performance.

Mentioned below are some of the top athletes from across the world who have had laser eye surgery and have achieved new heights in their respective fields:

  • Elana Myers – Elana Myers is considered one of the successful bobsledder. She was honoured with bronze medal in 2014 Sochi Olympics. She underwent laser eye surgery in year 2010 and is quite happy with her decision.
  • Curt Tomasevicz – He is another successful athlete who in 2010 brought gold for his country. Being one of the members of U.S. bobsled team, he held laser eye procedure responsible for his success. He also mentioned that it was due to this surgery that he can practice without the hassles of glasses.

There are dozens of other athletes from around the world who had laser eye surgery before Sochi Olympics. Specially, the members from US skaters team were among the most to have undergone laser eye surgery before the Olympics. The athlete not only underwent the laser eye surgery but they also volunteers for several research and development program.

Some of the other world class athletes who have gone through this procedure are :

  • Tiger Woods – The world-class golf player who is believed to have won many championships has successfully went through the surgery.
  • Max Evans – The six nations rugby player is believed to have gone through the laser eye procedure.
  • Russell Simmonds – The famous target shooter from United Kingdom is also one of the top athletes who have had laser eye surgery.

No doubt, laser eye surgery has helped many of the athletes from around the world to achieve new heights. So, if you are a sports enthusiastic person and want to try your luck in the field then why not try to improve your game through laser eye surgery.

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