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lasek surgery

LASEK is among one of the four procedures of laser eye surgery widely practiced to correct patient’s vision related problems. The acronym of LASEK stands for Laser Assisted Sub epithelial Keratomileusis. The LASEK surgery procedure is same as that of LASIK or PRK. Although, LASIK is considered to be most successful laser eye surgery preferred by the eye surgeons as well as the patients but for those patients who does not qualifies for the LASIK go for the LASEK procedure. Usually, the eye doctors themselves prescribes the patients with the following procedures keeping in mind the results shown during preoperative diagnosis.

It is important for the patients to understand the actual concept of the LASEK surgery before heading with the procedure. The fundamental difference between the LASEK and other two procedure is that, the surgeons pushes the epithelial tissue to the side for the further procedure and after the completion of the surgery the tissue is the out back to its position unlike LASIK where the epithelial tissue is completely removed. Often it is observed that in some patients the removal of the upper tissue layer can cause post-surgery side effects. Hence, the patients prone to such risk are prescribed with LASEK eye surgery.

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What actually happens during LASEK procedures?

During the LASEK surgery, the first and foremost thing which the surgeons include themselves to is the removal of epithelial tissue. The top most layer of the cornea is known as “epithelial”. The epithelial tissue is to be removed from its place prior to the surgery. The process of removal of epithelial tissue is different for different procedures in laser eye surgery. For instance, during LASIK, it is removed with the help of blade whereas in LASEK, the tissue is removed with the application of alcohol.

So the question arise, “What actually happens during LASEK procedure?” Given below are the detailed LASEK procedure:

  • The ophthalmologist puts exactly 18 percent of alcohol solution in the eyes of the patient.
  • After ensuring that the alcohol is properly soaked up by the cornea for few seconds, the doctors now carries on with the further procedure.
  • Now the top most layer i.e epithelial tissue is shifted to the side but not peeled off completely unlike it is done in LASIK so that enough space is created for the laser beam to work freely.
  • Now the major portion of the treatment begins. Here the eye surgeons use the excimer laser to correct the vision of the patient, which hardly takes 30 to 40 seconds.
  • The epithelial tissue is then placed back to its original position, which automatically sticks on to the cornea by osmotic pressure. The tissue thus placed back in its position works as a natural healer.
  • Just to ensure that eyes do not get infected after the completion of surgery, the doctors places an additional contact lenses which is removed just after 4 to 5 days.

One might think that the complete procedure incorporated in LASEK is same as that of LASIK, the only difference is that, the epithelial tissue in LASEK surgery is put back to its initial position, although the tissue grows back in few days. So what is the need of putting the tissue back in it’s position? This is because keeping the original tissue alive helps in preventing any kinds of biochemical changes in the eye, which can leads in developing side effects.

LASEK success rates

Don’t worry if you are not eligible for LASIK surgery, the success rates of LASEK is as similar to that of LASIK surgery. Particularly, those who are suffering from short sightedness or long sightedness, LASEK has track record of curing 98 percent of the patients in the first attempt and remaining 2 percent have to understand enhancement surgery that to requires minor adjustment in the second surgery.

Complications related to success rates of LASEK

Usually the outcomes of the LASEK surgery is same as that of LASIK with very few or one can say minute differences. In general, no such side effects can be observed in the patients who have undergone the LASEK surgery. But before rushing your decision you might want to know the complications which might arise if something goes wrong during the surgery.

Most common type of problem noticed by the eye surgeons after the completion of the LASEK procedure is the developing hazy vision. This may occur due the use of alcohol or error in reposition of the epithelial tissue. However, these are cause due to human error. Hence, it is really important for the patient to consult an experienced ophthalmologist. Some other types of size effects, which can be observed are dry eyes. Otherwise, it is completely safe to have LASEK surgery with no potential threat to the vision of the patient.

So what is the difference between LASIK and LASEK

Here is the exact difference between the LASIK surgery and LASEK surgery, which will help you to understand the actual difference between these two.

Firstly, the process by the surgeon adopts to reach the middle layer of the cornea to reshape it. In LASIK, what surgeons actually does is that, they create a small flap in the top most layer of the cornea also known as corneal flap to reach the inner portion of the eye. The doctors usually uses blade of femtosecond laser to create this flap. Once the surgery is over, the eye surgeons then replaces back the flap in its position. This might develops the flap complications. Whereas on the other hand, in LASEK surgery, the doctors push aside the epithelial tissue to reach the St Roma underneath and once the After the surgery is done the tissue is then put back to its original position, which also works as natural bandage.

Secondly, the recovery time of both the surgeries varies a lot. A patient who has undergone LASEK surgery can take up to one to two weeks time for complete recovery. Whereas, it takes two to three days for the LASIK patient to get full recovery.

Thus before undergoing any of the laser eye surgery, it is important for the patient to understand the detailed concept and functionality of every procedure for taking any hasty steps.

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