How to Choose Your LASIK Surgeon

Medical science was never been this successful, as it has developed itself during the past decade. No matter how much the complications have arrived, if the patient is suffering, our latest available medical remedies are able to neutralise almost every single part of it. LASIK eye surgeries are one of the most convenient eye surgeries that the science and technology have blessed us with.

LASIK surgeon

LASIK surgeon

In case of LASIK surgeries, the procedure is very delicate to perform and your regular eye surgeon will never be capable of doing such stuffs. You will need an expert Ophthalmologist to perform the surgery as the chances of the operation totally depend upon the surgeon’s experience.

To find an expert LASIK surgeon is not a big deal as there are lots of surgeons available out there in the LASIK field, but to choose the best one is really important as your daily routine entirely depends upon your vision and if anything goes wrong, you will not get a second chance. So be sincere with your surgeon, if he knows what he is supposed to or not.

Check if the LASIK surgeon is suitable for you:

You can verify if the surgeon is good enough or not by going through the following steps:

i. Check if the doctor is licensed or not:

Before verifying any other aspect, you should start from the very basic things that if your surgeon is licenced or not. The state licensing board validates the surgeon’s credentials as a medical practitioner. The National Practitioner Data Bank holds the records for all the practitioners throughout the country, you can check your surgeon’s credentials from there.

ii. If the LASIK surgeon is board certified:

Check if your LASIK surgeon has a Board Certification or not, beyond having a basic medicine practitioner licence. Which means that the American Board of Medical Specialities has certified the doctor to undergo the medical practises of his/ her particular speciality. Because LASIK surgery is not a game of amateurs and only an expert is able to deal with it.

iii. Certified by American board of Ophthalmology:

You may also confirm if your medic has completed the norms of American Board of Ophthalmology or not, as it requires board certified physicians to undergo the specialised training sessions and continuing studies related to their corresponding expertise afterwards.

iv. FACS designation:

The American College of Surgeons or ACS holds a big name on the surgeon’s profile. It means that the practitioner is not only a board certified one but also is a member of a very trustworthy community. The designation of FACS or Fellows of American College of Surgeons, defines the ability of your medic, as the credentialing process there is pretty steeper compared to the other certification groups. So you should always prefer your LASIK surgeon to hold an ACS fellowship.

v. Verify the advertisement related credentials:

There are a bunch of advertisements about LASIK eye surgery specialists. Many refractive surgery centres post their advertisements over the media services such as Televisions, Radios, Newspapers or the Internet. There may be very a convenient pricing listed on the ads at the completion of the total procedure without compromising with any of the necessary services which fits in your budget perfectly. May be they are not related with any fraudulent but, as it risks your entire life, you should double check every aspect before moving further.

vi. Have a reference:

While choosing the surgeon, find a reference for the best available one around your locality. First consult with your local medical practitioner or your preferred eye specialist for a trustworthy name. Ask at your neighbourhood or at your office that anyone had gone through the surgery previously or not. And if so, then how was their experience with their surgeons. When anyone suits with your requirements, you can step further with your choice. You can also consult with the top class surgeons over telephone or internet to find the best one around your locality as they can judge the surgeon better than anyone else could ever do.

vii.  Use the Internet:

Got a query? Ask the internet, it will answer you at the best way possible. To find links toward the best surgeons, you also may browse the web results. The American Academy of Ophthalmology holds its particular webpage that is, where you can access to the ‘Find an eye MD’ feature to avail the best references for LASIK surgeries. But be sure to choose ‘refractive surgery’ as the ‘speciality’ to get the best match. Even if you have a name in mind, try to ‘Google’ it and you will know exactly where he/ she is best at.

Have a firm chat session:

When you have found the specialist on the basis of your researches, arrange an appointment with him to clear any doubts. Get a set of questions prepared for the doctor and ask every single one of it. You may ask:

  • How many surgeries he have attended?
  • What is his positive to negative ratio among the surgeries he had performed?
  • If there was an exception, then what was it?
  • What could be the probable causes of risks?
  • If there is any risk involved, then how dangerous are they?
  • If something goes wrong, then what are the possible cures that he will be serving with?
  • Ask about his medical profession and try to judge how much he was been successful throughout his career.
  • What are the chances of acquiring vision enhancement procedures after the surgery?
  • If enhancement is required then if there will be any extra charges or not?
  • If the doctor confirms that he will be conducting the enhancement remedies without any charges, then what will be the time limit for having such services?

    If you get your desired answers regarding all of your doubts, then appoint the doctor for the surgery. But if you are not satisfied with the doctor’s words, you should definitely go for a second opinion to find the best match regarding your conditions.

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