How Long Does LASIK Eye Surgery Last?

The modern era is totally based on the cutting-edge technologies. The latest technical gadgets are making human lives easier as well as faster. But the best place to apply all these knowledge is the medical industry, as the greatest goal for every human being is to save the humanity.

lasik eye surgery

lasik eye surgery

Medical science is applying the fusion of technology and the expert hands to make sure that human lives can be saved from the largest gulf of death. And therefore, new ideas and techniques are raising every moment. LASIK eye surgery is one of the finest and latest remedy for a faulty-eyed.

What is LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK or Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis is the surgical procedure for curing Nearsightedness, Farsightedness and Astigmatism.

Why we need LASIK eye surgery?

With the classical methods of eye surgeries, it takes several hours for the surgery to complete as the complications are really high and no one can guarantee the cent percent success of the surgery. But with the LASIK surgeries, it takes roughly 30mins for the completion of the surgery and with the best hands for the job the 100% efficiency can be reached easily. Also with the other eye surgical processes it takes months for the recovery of the patient, but with LASIK surgeries, the patient is allowed to work at the very next day or after few days of the surgery, which is far more convenient.

How long the results will last?

How long the results of LASIK surgeries will last? Most of the patients have this question as their prime query before the surgery. As no one wants to put his/ her eyes into surgery frequently and they want something durable. Thanks to the advanced technologies for latest medical peripherals and the best available surgeons, that, on average, LASIK eye surgeries can reshape the cornea and correct the vision of the patient permanently. Isn’t that amazing for a process that takes only half an hour to complete?

vision enhancement after surgery

These surgeries were first approved by the Canadian Government in the 1990’s and by the United States right after. It’s been 25 years since the LASIK eye surgeries are commercially being approved and now, the permanent results of the LASIK surgeries are far more consistent than the earlier ones. It is only been possible by the blessings of latest technologies and the expert surgeons available today.

  • Vision Enhancements after surgery:

Though LASIK eye surgeries are permanent, there may be some cases where some accessories are required to enhance the vision of the patient after surgery. In some of the exceptional individuals an additional eye treatment or vision correcting lenses are may be required as the biological structure varies person to person.

Also with LASIK eye surgery a person may not get rid of the reading glasses entirely. The patients are served with the option to choose Monovision that redevelops the ability for either near-view or far-view disorders. In such cases, the patients may first test the results of the surgery by applying monovision lenses and can find if it is the vision of their choice or not. Regarding to those people, an additional reading glasses may be needed as the eye structure differs with the person’s age.

You may experience minor changes in your vision as the time passes by, after the LASIK eye surgery. Your medic then have to prescribe some delicate adjustments with your glasses that you need to put on until a certain period from the surgery.

To synchronise these artificial treatments with your natural vision, a person may need some additional enhancement tweaks or some touch-up remedies, as they are very normal and there is nothing to worry about it. Further, the need of these vision enhancements can be resolved by taking care of few precautions:

Choose the best:

Choosing the best available surgeon in the market is your trump.  The precision of the surgery depends on how much the surgeon is experienced with his field. As the experience goes higher, skills are developed flawlessly. So to gain the desirable results, you have to appoint the best one in the field.

Follow your prescription:

You have to be very sincere about what your doctor prescribes you after the surgery. You have to follow all the DOs and DON’Ts as suggested by your surgeon as he understands your needs better than you do. If you don’t go along your routines entirely, you’ll be the only one responsible for all of your sufferings afterwards.

Find the right place:

You are supposed to get admitted to the hospital which is updated with the latest available technologies required for the surgery. As, if the doctor can’t find the right equipment for the job, he will not be able to solve your problem at the desired level. So get admitted at the place where the best facilities are available regarding the necessity of the work.

After going through all these precautions, you may still need an enhancement treatment for the exact tuning of your vision. In most of the treatment procedure, the hospital itself organises free vision enhancement cures for the patient, as it is their responsibility to take care of you properly. So try to choose the best package that covers all of the necessary deeds.

Hormonal changes in a person’s body, also affects the recovery process. In case of LASIK eye surgery, if a woman is being pregnant or willing to have a baby in future, then she may need such enhancement cures later. As the hormones during pregnancy, have an impact on the eyes too. So to ensure best results, she may have to wait for her LASIK eye surgery.

A regular check-up is mandatory:

The permanency of the surgery depends on how the patient treats his/ her eyes after the procedure. The surgeon will be conducting minor treatments and tests yearly or after specific intervals to ensure that your new vision is working according to his plans. You need to pay regular visit with your medic and follow his suggestions to get the desired eye health towards the period.


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