How does LASIK Eye Surgery Feel

In case of each and every respective field of the modern era, technology has shown the best available options every time. Whether it is transportation, education, construction, even in the household purposes, the cutting edge technical solution never fails to quench our deeds. The medical science was never been far from technology anyway. It is the best field to apply our latest available technologies as nothing is more important than the human lives and medical science is the only one which is dealing to bless human lives.

LASIK or Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis is a gift of modern technology for the 21st century medical science. By applying this surgery, a person can get rid of any kind of Myopia or Nearsightedness, Hyperopia or Farsightedness and Astigmatism related problems. In such procedure the surgeon corrects any kind of abnormality in the cornea with the help of cooled ultra violet light beams.

But when it comes to Laser treatment, the patient definitely worries about the risks involving the procedure. As Laser has always meant something with really hot concentrated beams which is able to cut almost everything into two pieces from the concept of different sci-fi films. So when it comes to the LASIK eye surgeries, the patients are always conscious about how the operation will feel to their eyes.

LASIK Eye Surgery

Steps for the LASIK eye surgery and the corresponding feelings:

In case of LASIK eye surgery, there are a number of steps to go through as per the delicacy of the surgery. Here is a brief description about those processes and their corresponding feelings:

i. The anaesthetic:

Before getting started, the doctor will apply few drops of a topical anaesthetic liquid to your eyes. It is like any other regular eye drop which affects immediately after few seconds from applying and lasts for around 20 minutes. The liquid spreads to the entire front surface of your eye with each blink and makes it numb to ensure you do not feel anything while surgery.

ii. Keeping the eyes in position:

After applying the numbing liquid, your eyes are positioned beneath the laser devices. During the operation, you may have an urge of blinking your eyelids. So to prevent such conditions, there is a tool named as the lid speculum which holds the eyelids away from each other. Your eyelids are not numb, so you can feel the tool on your eyelids, but that will be absolutely painless for sure.

Further, to prevent any kind of movement of the eyes, a suction ring is also applied at the front surface of the eyes which is also not a matter of discomfort.

iii Making the flap:

As per the patients, while making the flap in their corneal membrane was the only process where they felt something unusual with their eyes. In this step, the doctor uses any of the tools between Microkeratome and a Femtosecond laser to cut the membrane and makes a circular flap. The patient feels a little bit pressure on their eyes and a feeling that they can’t describe with words refers it as some ‘awkward sensation’. But it stays only a minute long and will not cause you any discomfort.

iv. Vision correction:

This is the process where actually the Laser treatment is being applied. A highly specialised device that uses cooled ultra violet beams is used in this step. The doctor reshapes the cornea by evaluating any kind of corneal disorder, if there is Myopia or Nearsightedness in the eyes, then the cornea is flattened as much as possible and if it is Hyperopia or Farsightedness, then the cornea must be a little steeper.

The laser sends light pulses to the eyes as to reshape the cornea and thus the patient may feel a very slight pressure sensation on their eyes. They may also hear a steady clicking sound of the device, while the Laser is governing on his or her eyes. Your vision may get a little blurred at this time but there is nothing to worry about all these as they are very normal.

v. Laid the flap down:

When all these procedures are done, the flap in the corneal membrane is laid down to the eyes at their original position. There will not be any stiches or something as it will be restored by its own natural abilities. So again it is not discomforting for the patient at any ways.

Immediately afterwards:

All these processes are roughly can take 30 minutes of total to get completed, which makes the surgery the perfect match for a busy scheduled patient.
The doctor will let you rest for a minimum period. You may feel a slight burning or rather to say itching sensation in your eyes. There also may be a little blurry or hazy vision for some certain amount of time but your vision quality will be improved as soon as you wake up from bed at the next morning.

Although, after undergoing so many delicate steps, your recovery time is only 24 hours from the surgery. That is why LASIK surgeries are the most convenient eye treatment for the patients nowadays.

Your doctor knows your eyes better than you do, so do not ever dare to underestimate his words. Follow all the DOs and DON’Ts that he suggests. Take the proper medications sincerely that he prescribes you. And do not forget to pay him a visit at regular intervals as he will be conducting various tests to ensure that your vision is fully efficient or not.

In spite of being recovered in just 24 hours, the surgeon may suggest you not to join your work immediately. A couple of days will be enough to restore your eyesight perfectly and then you are all set for any kind of tight schedules that you had left behind.

Therefore, taking proper c are one can easily manage to get a clear vision naturally without wearing spectacles that some up as a barrier to get a stylish look.

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