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Today many of us depend on the fast foods to cope up with our daily schedule. But we fails to understand that the food we are providing to our body is not healthy for us. Subsequently you realize that you have gained few pounds since the last time you went to the check your weight.

On the other hand, when you see a celebrity with a perfectly toned body, you realize that it’s time for you to hit the gym and loose some fat. But in our busy schedules we must take time to realize that these Celebrities of whom you are jealous of really have to work very hard to keep themselves fit. Often every¬†celebrity workouts¬†for long hours and undergoes controlled diet in order to look good in front of their fans.

If you really want to shed those extra pounds and gain a perfect figure then one thing you can do is to follow the diet plans which your favorite celebrities follows. It may be possible that you will not be able to follow in exact same manner as the Hollywood Celebrities workout but opting for celebrity diet plan is the best alternative for you.

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Mentioned below are some of the best and effective diet plans which many of the celebrities follows to gain a perfect figure.

# The 5 Factor Diets

So here is the deal, if you are jealous of your favorite celebrity and want to look like them then you need to follow the exact same thing as they do. The 5 factor diet is one of the popular diet plan which includes consuming foods which are made up of five most important ingredients like fibre, proteins, carbs, fats and fluids. Celebrities like Eva Mendez, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry follows this diet plan.

# Zone Diet

One of the regular followers of this diet plan is Jeniffer Aniston. The diet involves consuming food which will be rich in carbohydrates, carbs and fats in ratio of 40:30:30. The diet involves eating three controlled meals a day along with two snacks. This will help you to loose weight without prior to your knowledge. Some other celebrities who were beneficial from this diet plan are Demi Moore and Sandra Bullock.

# Three Hour Diet

Jessica Biel is an active follower of this diet plan. The diet plan includes controlled consumption of food every three hours a day so that you don’t care. This is a very effective diet plan, if you want to make yourself fit into cute new bathing suits within days.

# Eating Raw foods

Demi Moore is said to lose 11 pounds following this procedure. The people who are willing to adopt this diet plan needs to eat raw food instead of cooked food. Why? It is because cooking results in loss of many nutrients. Hence, it is advices to eat raw fruits and vegetables when you are following this diet plan.

What you need to understand is that celebrities workout often along with following these diet plans. So if you really want yourself to look good then with no doubt you can follow the above mentioned diet plans but you also need to go to the gym to get perfectly toned body.

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