How to Find a Best Hair Transplants Surgeon in America?

Hair restoration is a very complex procedure which requires utmost skills. It is essential to find the best hair transplant surgeon for all your surgical hair restoration techniques. As a highly skilled and experienced hair transplant surgeon can offer you with effective outcome of your surgery. If the surgeon is not experienced in the hair transplant technique then the outcome can be drastic; also giving rise to unsightly, large and visible scars. Hence, it is vital to assess the credentials and accreditation of your physician prior to undergoing the hair transplant surgery.

The ideal way to search for a hair transplant surgeon is through a referral either from your family physician or from another patient. You should avoid getting carried away in selecting the surgeon through infomercials or marketing activities. Look out for surgeons who pay more attention to patient care rather than marketing.

There are several aspects that you need to consider while looking out for the best hair transplant surgeon. Some of them are as mentioned below:-

Background, Qualification & Training

Find out the expertise and exact qualification of the transplant surgeon. Ideally, the surgeon must be board certified as a plastic surgeon or as a dermatologist. If your surgeon fails to specialize in one of these two fields then, enquire about additional certifications, if any or any special training in the hair restoration procedures. A qualified surgeon in the field of hair restoration techniques shall be capable of making precise diagnosis regarding the hair loss and shall also be able to recommend the best possible procedure for your hair loss condition.

Consider surgeons those who are members of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and are Diplomats of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). The two famous awards given in the field of hair restoration are the Golden and Platinum Follicle Awards awarded by ISHRS; for exceptional achievements in the field of hair restoration. If the potential surgeon is the recipient of either of these awards then, this shall prove the surgeon’s supreme skills and capabilities as a hair restoration surgeon.

The more experience the surgeon, the more expensive shall his services be. But, it is advisable to opt for the most experienced surgeon and spend in a single expensive procedure rather than opting for cheaper services and then having to spend on several repeated procedures.

Surgical Technique

The surgeon you consult should have expertise in performing most of the advanced hair restoration techniques, so that the surgeon can offer you with the best option for your condition. If the surgeon is capable of performing just one technique then, the surgeon shall be biased towards that technique and he shall be doubtful in offering you a balanced view concerning other hair transplant techniques. Every technique has several advantages and disadvantages hence, it is important to have a thorough understanding of all the procedures so that you and your physician can decide the best suited technique for you. Once you have decided on a particular technique that you wish to opt for then, you can consult a physician who is skilled in that particular procedure.

Enquire about the equipment that shall be used for the procedure. Have a look at the operating room so that you can ensure that the equipment are advanced and clean.

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Evaluation Process

Ensure that you are being evaluated and examined by the surgeon who shall be performing your surgery. Ensure that you have a thorough scalp examination conducted. Be assured that the physician addresses your concerns, listens to you and responds to all your queries.

Apart from the above aspects, there are few more aspects which should be enquired for selecting the best hair transplant surgeon. They are –

  • Experience of the operating surgeon in the field of hair transplant surgery.
  • Number of hair restoration surgeries performed by the surgeon daily.
  • Techniques used by the doctor.
  • Utilization of advanced equipment for the hair restoration surgery.
  • Testimonials of the patient.

You should avoid deciding on the basis of any one review or one forum; try to get a generalized idea regarding the surgeon by conducting an in-depth research. Do not make haste in deciding the surgeon or the procedure. Take your time and make the perfect decision. Think calmly about the pros and cons of the procedure as this procedure shall affect your over-all appearance. You should be very clear regarding your expectations from the procedure. Enquire regarding the cost involved in the transplant surgery. Discuss about the flexible payment options for the surgery.

Finding the best hair transplant surgeon shall help you avert any future complications and the ideal surgeon shall also give you good hair restoration job and natural hair that shall last lifelong.

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