How to Identify the Hair Transplant Right Surgeon, What to Look for?

People suffering from hair loss usually take the help of hair transplant surgery as their last and permanent resort to hair fall. Hair restoration surgery offers excellent and permanent results in patients with receding hairline. The hair from the donor sites is taken and implanted into the recipient site, when there are bald spots. There are various techniques used to perform hair restoration surgery.  But the outcome of these surgeries is very much dependent on the skills, talent and the experience of the operating transplant surgeon. If, the physician is not experienced then, the outcome of your hair transplant surgery can be devastating.

Outcome of hair restoration surgery has an impact on your over-all appearance. Failures in hair transplant surgery can have an influence on your self-esteem. To rectify these failures of hair transplant surgery you may have to undergo repeated hair transplant procedures which shall be time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, it becomes vital to identify the right hair transplant surgeon to perform your surgery, so that you get good results in the first surgery itself. Selecting the best hair transplant surgeon also indicates reduced chances of undergoing repeated corrective surgeries.

Presently, the field of surgical hair restoration is totally unregulated by both the government and the medical community, in United States. In US, any qualified physician without any prior surgical training or accreditation is permitted to lawfully perform hair transplant surgery. Hence, there are a huge number of physicians performing hair transplant surgery; few of them are experienced and skilled while few lack proficiency. It is your duty to perform a careful research based on consideration of several aspects and find the best hair restoration surgeon for your operation.

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There are numerous factors that you need to consider while, identifying the best hair transplant surgeon.

Some of the factors are as follows:-

  • Qualification and experience of the physician must be assessed. The physician must be experienced in performing advanced hair restoration techniques.
  • The physician must evaluate your problems thoroughly and should offer you with a range of techniques suitable for your condition. Avoid physicians performing just one procedure, as they shall be biased towards that procedure and shall not be able to offer you a balanced view regarding other procedures.
  • The outcome of the procedure must be clearly explained to you.
  • A clear understanding regarding the techniques and equipment used in the procedure must be explained to you.
  • Ensure that you interact with the actual hair restoration doctor who shall be operating you.
  • Enquire about the success and failure rates of the physician.
  • Check the credentials and affiliations of the surgeon.
  • Ask for testimonials of the patients.
  • Interact with patients who have been operated from different surgeons. Ask them about their experiences, satisfaction levels and also enquire if they were treated professionally.
  • Contact the state medical board to view if there are any complaints filed against the hair transplant doctor that you intend to choose.
  • Consider physicians who are members of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and are Diplomats of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS).
  • If your surgeon has obtained either the Golden or Platinum Follicle Award given by the ISHRS for exceptional achievements in field of hair restoration then, this signifies that the physician has outstanding skills and abilities as a hair restoration surgeon. You can think of selecting this physician as his credentials have already been identified.
  • You can take the help from certain associations such as International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons or The American Academy of Dermatology which provides you with information regarding hair transplant surgeons that are affiliated with them.
  • Restrict from deciding on opinions given about any particular physician in any one forum or through any one review. Do a meticulous research about the surgeon on several forums and websites.
  • Avoid searching for hair transplant surgeons through commercials or marketing activities. Look out for physicians who give importance to patient care rather than marketing.
  • Do not blindly follow any referrals given by your dermatologists, hair stylist, etc. Do review the details of the physician yourself.
  • Avoid choosing a surgeon on the basis of cost. The services of an experienced and skilled hair transplant surgeon shall be expensive, it shall not be cheap. Therefore do not look out for cheap surgeons as they may turn out to be less experienced.

Performing hair restoration surgery through the hands of experienced physician is important. By identifying the ideal hair restoration surgeon, you have conquered half your battle of avoiding a disaster. Select your physician wisely, as your hair restoration physician shall be responsible for offering you with natural and full new hair for the rest of your life. Though, this task of finding the right hair restoration surgeon is challenging, you need to take time and carefully determine the best hair transplant surgeon.

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