Bodylastics 28 Pieces Band Set Review

Bodylastics is one for widely known manufacturer and supplier of resistance bands throughout the world. It is observed that people who love to remain fit and strong goes to gymnasium of better results. However, there are many people around this world who loves to groom themselves but are not able to go the gym and spend hours working out. For them resistance bands can prove to be best options.

You don’t have to go anywhere. With perfect set of resistance bands you can have all your dreams fulfilled training at your home. Just few workout sessions with the use of resistance bands and you will be able to experience the same physical changes as if you have been going to gymnasium for long. But for this you’ll need to have a product to fulfill your requirements. Here in this content we will discuss about a same product offered by bodylastics which will no doubt come up to your expectations.

Buy 28 Pieces Band Set Review

Bodylastics 28 Pieces Resistance Band: MMA training set

Fitness trainers as well as bodybuilding professionals all over the world have always preferred bodylastics products over any other. This because of the high quality and durable materials used to manufacturer such products. This 28 pieces resistance band which bodylastics has to offer to you is also known to be the best product available in the markets. Specially designed to for MMA practice, this resistance bands offers as much as 328 lbs which is no doubt better options for those who loves to do heavy lifting.

Completely build with latex; you won’t have to bother about the durability of the product. You can no doubt opt for 28 pieces MMA resistance band set if you want to experience the same resistance as you would in any gym centers. The product also offers anti-snap technology to reduce any chance of damages while training. Here is the list of all the accessories you will get if you opt to buy it.

  • 10 resistance bands of different resistance easily distinguished by their colours
  • 4 heavy duty handles
  • 6 Ankle straps
  • 2 anchors
  • A printed instruction manual
  • A carrying bag


The bodylastics 28 pieces resistance bands comes with whole lots of features. Some of them are jotted down below for your consideration

1) Quality – Built with Malaysian latex, the bands offers a great deal of resistance to the professionals without incurring any damages. Thus you need not to worry about the quality of the product once you have bought it for yourself.

2) Lifetime Warranty – Bodylastics are so much sure about all of their products that they don’t feel hesitate to claim for it. 28 pieces resistance bands being one of their products, they offers life time warranty to all those who wish to opt for such products.

3) Adjustable Bands – This resistance bands are so much versatile that you can use such bands to seek resistance from 3 lbs up to 328 lbs. Adjusting the bands with each other you can have them set as per your own requirements effortlessly.

4) Various Resistance – As already mentioned you will be able to use the resistance bands as per their colours which are based on the amount of resistance offered by them. Thus you won’t be needing any extra help to distinguish among them as you will get an instruction manual with the whole package.

This was all about the details of the products which might help you to take right decisions. But given below are the pros and con’s which you can further consider so as to make smart decisions.


  • Offers great resistance in terms of training
  • Comes with lifetime warranty
  • Easy to use
  • Stackable
  • High quality products


  • Can end up as an expensive products for many
  • Not at all suitable for beginners

Ratings – the overall rating of the product so far is 4.5 out of 5. You can no doubt opt for the product if you are seeking high resistance bands with great quality.

Author: Subhamita Dutta

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