Why Annual Eye Exams are Necessary Even After LASIK?

LASIK has no doubt improved lives of millions of people with almost everyone achieving 20/20 vision after the completion of surgery. With high success rates, LASIK is now one of the most preferred laser eye surgery by the surgeons and patients from across the globe. LASIK procedure is considered to be done of the most safest and painless vision correction procedures adopted by the surgeons with practically no discomfort to the patient. This is the reason, LASIK is gaining more popularity than other laser eye procedures such as PRK and LASEK.

Each year approximately millions of patients are undergoing LASIK procedure due to it’s diverse benefits. Mostly LASIK procedure is prescribed for the patients who are particularly suffering from eye disorders such as short sightedness, long sightedness and astigmatism. With the help of latest technology and experienced professionals, one can easily get their vision corrected in no time.

This painless surgery however has certain conditions, which a candidate opting for LASIK needs to fulfill before undergoing the surgical procedures. It is sometimes possible that you have successfully went through the procedure but you didn’t get any benefit from it rather you have developed some other eye illness. This is the situation where people get confused about the procedure and its benefits.

Hence, it is important to understand the concept of LASIK – its benefits, risks attached to it and the complications and the post-operative measures one have to take after the completion of the surgery before opting for LASIK. Once you have analyzed everything and have consulted with your doctor they will prescribe you to undergo the surgery only if you are eligible for it because one can develop a lot of issues after the completion of the surgery.

After LASIK surgery

After the surgical procedure is complete the surgeon will told you take rest for few minutes before letting you go home. The doctors will also refer you some medication, eye drops or steroids which will help you to ease you from any kind of discomfort. It is expected by the doctors that you will use the medication for at least thrice a day so as to protect your eyes from getting infected. This is the period when your eyes heals rapidly hence it is important to take care from getting infected.

It may be possible that your eyes starts to have burning sensation or itchy feeling just after 24 to 48  hours during the recovery period, it is due to the flap which was made during the LASIK surgery which is under healing period. It is advised not to rub your eyes when you start to feel irritation as this would displace the flap and will lead to the eyes getting infected.

There are some common side effects of LASIK surgery such as dry eyes and experiencing halos during night or experiencing blurred images. However, these are temporary and occur during the recovery period but if not taken cared properly might leads to some serious eye disorders in future. Hence it is advisable to use the medication prescribed by the surgeons regularly. The doctors also advice their patients to visit 2 or 3 days later to undergo a regular eye checkup.

Reason for post surgery precautions

One might be thinking, “Why do we need to take so much precautions after the LASIK surgery?” It is because the LASIK procedure mainly involves two-step one is the creation of thin flap in the corneal layer and second is to move the flap aside so as to continue with the laser treatment for reshaping the eye. After the surgery is completed, the doctors then put back the flap in its position which then heals over the time.

Thus during the healing period avoid rubbing your eyes as it will effect the replaced corneal flap which will lead to the eyes getting infected. Hence, you need to visit your eye specialist during the recovery period who will ensure you about the healing process of your eye. You may need to take rest for at least a week before carrying on with your regular work because during this period if your eyes gets infected you might develop some serious eye disorders that too will be permanent.

Annual Eye Exam is necessary

Till now you might have learnt what types of disorders you may develop during the recovery period hence it is important to take care of your eyes properly. However, most of the patients undergoing LASIK gets complete vision but there is a very small ratio of unfortunate people who develops the side effects after the completion of surgery.

Most of the time people opting for LASIK wonder whether they will have to visit their eye specialist for annual check-ups. Although, you may have undergone successful LASIK surgery you might be one among few of the unfortunates who develops eye illness. In some cases the patients,  it’s necessary to undergo enhancement surgery so as to correct their vision but still there are chances of you being effected by some serious eye disorders. Hence, it is really important to visit you eye doctor annually. It is because, the your eye doctor is a well qualified and experienced person who is not only eligible in assessing your eye sight but also trained to look for eye diseases which can threaten your vision or your health.

There are some patients who are prone to get glaucoma or cataract or other potential health problems even after the years of surgery. These are some of the few hazardous eye illness which one might develop over period of time and not to mention that these disease does not shows any kinds of physical symptoms till you are completely effected by the disease. Moreover, candidates with allergies may suffer from dry eyes or similar illness which might create discomfort in the eye. An early diagnosis will help to prevent you from such diseases and take necessary actions possible.

A yearly visit to your eye specialist might be the best option you got to take defensive measures against all the possible eye diseases.

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